Server: ZombieLand

Server IP:

Server: Rules

1) Don't attempt to exploit or cause harm to the server.
2) PvP is allowed but dominating a certaint player more than 4 times in 30 minutes will result in a ban
3) Don't harass or annoy other players. This includes being racist or purposefully trying to offend others.
4) Don't spam. This includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or admin chat.
5) Don't prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
6) Do not interfere with admin sits or Admins who are on duty.
7) Do not ban evade by going on an alternate account.
8) Scamming during vendor transactions or any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever.
9) No Bunny Hopping. It's unrealistic.
10) Overall, use common sense and have fun.