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Idea For The Server

Postby Butterminion110 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:30 pm

Why Not Add some vehicles like a motorbike, bike etc, I've seen people walk a lot and vehicles would be a good idea

one more could be FAS Weapons (Includes Assault, Snipers, Pistols Ect.) And You Can Customize The Guns As well As Change The fire type

Maybe Add An Rdm System (i know there is one but people keep going around killing people out of nowhere) so there has to be a reason EG, You got a weapon crate and someone took your weapon. that would be more balanced along with owning stores. I normally do a store but people don't care about it, they ignore or try to raid it (which is reasonable) and have some sort of RP reason behind it.

Thank you for reading


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