ZombieLand Update [12-10-2016]

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ZombieLand Update [12-10-2016]

Postby Devilkill » Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:27 pm

* Items with a star are added to the server now!

Things that need to be added
*- Flashlight should be able to use at a certain level.Lvl: 3 you can use the flashlight
*- Prop limit for admins should be same as a donator (20).
*- Donators should spawn with an extra weapon. RP-74
*- Donators should have +50 extra health.
*- Admins should be able to remove props that players spawned to block
- Props and Entities of players should be removed over time when they left the server.
*- Spelling mistook you are dad should be you are dead

Player Suggestions:
*- Players shouldn't be able to use their weapons inside the safe zone's as they can kill people from te inside that are outside.
*- It takes to long to respawn 10 seconds seems a fair amount of time
- It's hard to find weapons over te map (This is part of the game)
*- Adding the functional cinema for donator might be a cool feature
*- Making players able to choose their model at the start.

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