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Postby TheMadestHamster » Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:07 pm

1. Basing shold be less expensive due the high rate of new player raiding
1.1 bed cold be - 200-400(it's easy to be destroyed)
1.2 ammo producton factory cold be 200 but 2x the time it takes to make ammo.
1.3 weapon factory cold be upgradable
1.4 helth charger price - ok
1.5 plant price -ok
2.Armor charger entity shold be implamented
3.when !cloak players sholdn't be able to see name
4.grabing players with psygun shold be added.
5.there shold be rulle about base rading timer(so players don't attack your base 24/7) and you have time to rebuild.
6.torent entity shold be added (automatic deffence system) but it shold be destroyable and cold run out of ammo, but u cold refill it with ammo you have.
7.players shold have less starting ammo. zombies cold do with re-skin.
9.higer zombie spawn rate at night, wile lower at day.
10.weapon shop wold be coll feature.
11.doors sholdn't be instly repairable affter taking damage
12.skills menu cold have more skills
12.1 like speed skill
12.2 more ammo in weapon creates.
12.3 critical strike chance
12.4 jump hight (or lower fall damage)
12.5 prop health increase by ea lvl
12.6 max armor
12.7 damage resistance (take less dmg from players and zombies)
13.more player models (from g-man) for donators.
15.More props
16.BIG F2 menu in spawn for new players (so they know how to buy props/entity and setera.
17. either more money from selling items to npc or max of 2-3 item creating factory
18. some killed zombies use defalt zombie skin.
19. KIlling special zombies shold give you some scraps.
20.better gang menegment + extras for gang members.

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