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Anna The Terrorist
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Postby Anna The Terrorist » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:36 pm

Name/Alias: <Yourname and/or nickname.>
Anna The Terroirst

SteamID: <Your steamid, if you are unsure where to find this use,>

Age: <Your real age, if you lie you get kicked out without reason.>
I am currently 16 i will be turning 17 in december

Country: <Where do you live?>

Game Uptime: <How long have you been playing Garrysmod for? (approximate).>

Goodness Uptime: <How long have you been playing on the servers for?>
2 weeks

General Uptime: <How often do you play ZombieLand? (how many hours per day/week/month).>
everyday for a good 4 hours

Past Admin experiences: <Have you been an admin of other servers before? list them all, not just one.>
Yeah i have
Civil Gamers
Phase rp
Xanth roleplay
and i have owned my own servers as well

Why Admin?: <Give a short description of what you can do to help GetSome.>
Why admin well because i want to help the server out of rulebreakers I want to be that admin that people can come to and ask for help i'm everyday and hardly see any admins on and when there are people breaking rules hacking all I can do is screenshot and hope that the next time an admin is on and if they are on the person is not on that was breaking the rules so as my job as admin I will be on every day for 4-8 hours watching the server and that i want people to come on this server and have fun as I have said I have owned my own servers before so i will be able to pitch some ideas i love this server and i really want to become admin on it so it can be a fun and exciting environment.

Anything else?: <Do you have anything extra to add? what else do you do? hobbies, sports, programming, graphics?>
Me i am a very energetic person love helping and working with others i do have ADHD but I'm fine with it i am a very open person so you can just ask away and i will tell you i do coding i do Lua and some other small coding stuff but that's it

Thanks for reading

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Postby TheMadestHamster » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:32 pm

rep +

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Postby Swiftflame » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:38 am

Welcome to our forum Anna,

Nice to see you have lots of experience being administrator on multiple servers.
Since I haven't seen you around before I would wait until we meet each other in the Server or Teamspeak.

For now I would say this application is on Hold.

Sincerly Swiftflame.

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Postby Devilkill » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:14 pm

Hi Anna,

You get +1 from me

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