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Postby Devilkill » Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:02 am

If you wish to be an admin/moderator of Goodness-Gaming servers, please use the following template.

Like all applications, they will be locked and pending review, not all applications will be accepted, do not expect to be given access just because you use the server.

As we like to see applications being made for admin, and we appreciate your keenness to help out. However, we are very selective in this process.

All admins need to have a basic understanding of English, be able to communicate with all other admins and be of an age, to accept abusive issues. We like to recommend 16+.
We do not take kindly to abusive admins who ban because they do not get what they want or someone tells them to get F****d.

Note: Use the following subject in your application: ADMIN APPLICATION: <nickname>

Code: Select all

Name/Alias: <Yourname and/or nickname.>
SteamID: <Your steamid, if you are unsure where to find this use,>
Age: <Your real age, if you lie you get kicked out without reason.>
Country: <Where do you live?>
Game Uptime: <How long have you been playing Garrysmod for? (approximate).>
Goodness Uptime: <How long have you been playing on the servers for?>
General Uptime: <How often do you play Zombieland? (how many hours per day/week/month).>
Past Admin experiences: <Have you been an admin of other servers before? list them all, not just one.>
Why Admin?: <Give a short description of what you can do to help GetSome.>
Anything else?: <Do you have anything extra to add? what else do you do? hobbies, sports, programming, graphics?>

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